Artistry & History in Wood


Kerry Eikenskold
Inyokern, California

specializing in functional  reproductions from the Viking age

a six oar Viking-style  lap-strake vessel
[SOLD 2006]



Dory built in the style of a Viking ship
For Capital One ("What's in your wallet?"/ barbarian horde) Grand Canyon TV commercials
June 2010


32 foot Viking ship under construction  - Completed and delivered 2009



Sae Hrafn
A reconstruction of a 40' twelve oar Viking ship based on the
Ralswiek-Rugen II & Skuldelev V
archaeological finds of small warships.
Built for the Longship Company Ltd., Maryland USA, and
now in its nineteenth May/June through December sailing season of use.


Traditional Norse instruments, decorative art, and furniture
Award-winning modern sea kayaks
Custom woodworking
Available for film and advertising set/prop consulting, design, and construction




Kerry Eikenskold is a craftsman and artist with a strong sense of tradition and history. He prefers to keep the electronic intrusions/distractions in his life and work to a minimum. If you are seriously interested in purchasing any of his existing work, or in commissioning him to produce custom work to your specifications, contact him by phone at 760 793-4825 or by email eikenskold at gmail.com

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